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Deck The Halls Greens Workshop

  • December 04, 2012
  • 6:30 PM
  • Church Of The Brethren

About 50 members enjoyed the annual Deck The Halls Greens Workshop.

Many thanks to all volunteers who made the Capitol Hill Garden Club's Greens Workshop and Potluck a festive and productive occasion. Participants expressed their creativity by making beautiful wreaths, floral arrangements, and swags.


· Sandra Bruce

Bagging and Setting Up

· Judy Canning

· Carol Edwards

· Pat Hanrehan and guest

· Larry Janezich,

· Liz McClure

· Mary Ann Sroufe

· Carmen Wiechmann


· Jim Shelar

Registration Table

· Martha Connelly

· Gail Giuffrida

· Ed Peterman

· E J Truax

Wreath Instruction

· Joyce Jones

Bow Instruction

· Johann Yurgen

Clean up

· Elizabeth Edwards

· Lorraine Fishback

· Pat Hanrehan

· Sally Strang

· Jennifer Newton

· E J Truax

· Everyone who was there until the bitter end

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