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2013 Capitol Hill Garden Club Bulb Sale—Sweet Success

December 29, 2013 10:00 AM | Anonymous member
2013 Capitol Hill Garden Club Bulb Sale

Because of your diligence and effort the gross receipts were: week one $1404 ($839/$565); week two $1140 ($509/$631);  week three (Sunday only) $582; week four $1130 ($644/$486); week five $1130 ($597/$533); and the November meeting $232.  The gross profit was $5418*.  Our total net profit is $2,177.

* Excludes $200 in small change advanced from existing club assets for the bulb sale.

Thank you to all who made this fall’s bulb sale a smashing success.  A special thanks to Co-chairs Carol Casperson and Leanna Fenske for excellent leadership and hard work.

Many thanks to our club members who: served as Officer of the Day, sold bulbs, selected bulbs, priced bulbs, transported bulbs, set up and dismantled the sales booth, recruited volunteers, tracked the money, and provided storage space.  (I apologize if I have inadvertently missed anyone who contributed time and effort to the bulb sale.  Please let me know who you are so we can all celebrate your contribution.)
Robert Atcheson
Alex Belano
Suzanne Bowden
Donna Brandes
Nick Brandes
Barry Brauth
Donna Brauth
Diane Brockett
Floyd Brown
Sandra Bruce
Sharon Calkins-Hubley
Judy Canning 
Doris Celarier
Sonia Connelly
Martha Connor-Donnelly
Joe Cwiklinski
Bill Dean
Kim Diffendal
Pat Driscoll
Carol Edwards
Elizabeth Edwards
Mathew Emry
Paul Etter
Joan Fallows
Lorraine Fishback
Becky Jo Fredriksson
Bob Fuller
Kay Fuller
Ann Grace
Gail Giuffrida
David Healy
Jeff Johnson
Joyce Jones
Joan Keenan
Cherie Klein
Denny Lane
Inez Lester
Mary Lischer
Barbara Marks
Liz McClure
Lea McDaniel
Evelyn McKay
Janice McKenney
Nancy Metzger
Jennifer Newton
Sharon Newsome
Anthony Portorno
Beth Purcell
Joe Purdy
Ed Peterman
Tracy Peoples
Jim Shelar
Sandy Shelar
Vira Sisolak
Gene Smith
Olivia Sparer
Mary Ann Sroufe
Jerry Sroufe
Susan Thompson 
E.J. Truax 
Joel Truitt
Keats Webb
Ruth Widmann
Marian Wiseman
Carla Yates-Bremer
Kerry Dooley Young
Johann Yurgen
Fran Zaniello
Marissa Zapata 
We also want to acknowledge members who volunteered to serve, but were rained-out and unable to serve on another day, including Bob Cashdollar, Sharon Hanley, Muriel Martin-Wein, Margaret Missiaen, Eileen Reagan, and Julie Rios.


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