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Fall 2016 Turtle Park Clean Up

November 16, 2016 7:00 AM | Anonymous member

Fall 2016 Turtle Park Clean Up

On November 5, the Community Projects Committee organized a second workday at Turtle Park, which is a very heavily-used triangle park just north of Eastern Market. A group that included 15 garden club members and six neighbors came out on a beautiful fall day to clean the park and plant 750 daffodil bulbs, several shrubs, and some perennials. At our first workday last spring, we removed dead, dying and invasive plants, spread about 100 bags of mulch, and hung a number of birdhouses. Along with these plants and materials, we also purchased a hose that can reach all of the garden areas. The CSX grant obtained early this year and small donations from club members and neighbors provided the funds to buy all the items for both workdays. Staff of the Capitol Hill Business Improvement District hauled away the many bags of refuse from both workdays.

Can You Help Us Water!

We still need help at the park. With our very dry fall and the imminent arrival of winter, the plants need watering to prosper. The very kind neighbors who live next to the park on Independence Ave. came to help us at this workday and have agreed to allow us to use water from their home to water the plants, without charge. Their outside hose bib is quite convenient to the park and we have left the hose stretched out a bit, so there is not much need to drag it far. So, if you can spare some time to water at the park, you could do so at any time by just turning on the water. Anyone who can help with this task should call Muriel Martin-Wein, who will coordinate the watering volunteers. (202-546-8977).

A note of caution: the largest tree in the park has several dead branches that could fall at any time. The Community Projects committee has contacted the city about removal, but that process may take some time. So, use caution when walking or watering under that tree.

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