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Birds, Butterflies & Other Critters In Your Garden

March 28, 2017 7:15 PM | Anonymous member

Birds, Butterflies & Other Critters In Your Garden

Featured Speaker: George Jett

George Jett, conservationist from Lothian, Maryland, used his photographs to give us a lively talk about the plants and wildlife that can be found in our Capitol Hill gardens.

We saw pictures of owls, hawks, and other birds, butterflies, moths and caterpillars and plants that host many critters. He also showed us photos of the small mammals (e.g., cotton tail rabbits), harmless snakes, and skinks that also occur here. After March's meeting he sent handouts that will be available in April describing ways to create bird-friendly and pollinator-friendly backyards.

Biography Submitted By Mr. Jett

I am 71 and have taken photographs for over 45 years. I graduated from Northeastern University in Boston, Mass. In 1970. I worked as a Chemical Engineer and manager at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for 30 years in the Office of Water writing regulations. My work was demanding, but I enjoyed it since I believed I was doing good for the earth. When George Brush jr. decided we did not need to write anymore regulations under his ” no industry left behind” policy I was given the option w/ a large bonus to retire. Since I was not allowed to do my job I retired in 2003, and have not looked back.

I always had a passion for nature and am a self-taught naturalist. I often feel I was a better naturalist than a chemical engineer. Since retirement I have travelled extensively around the world documenting the natural history of the regions I visit. For example in 2016 I travelled to Ecuador, Brazil, Peru, and South Africa. Much of what I have documented is on my website Take a look.

My primary objective is to educate and promote conservation. I work closely with The Rainforest Trust, Bat Conservation International, and the American Bird Conservancy Also since retirement I have coordinated a breeding bird atlas, and a reptile and amphibian atlas in Charles County, Maryland for the Maryland Ornithological Society, and the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, respectively. These two five-year studies provided current information on these two important groups of animals.

The program I intend to present to the garden club is a snap shot of what natural history you might find in and around your special place on Capitol Hill. The program will highlight birds, butterflies, and other critters you could encounter. I hope you enjoy the show.

More photos and links coming soon.

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