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The May Walk

May 09, 2017 6:30 PM | Anonymous member

The May Walk

This year's May Walk was an exploration of gardens in a Northeast neighborhood on Capitol Hill. Organized by E J Truax, the owners of the five chosen gardens took about 15 minutes each to discuss their gardens. Here a few highlights:

  • The first garden at 921 F belongs to Eileen. Most of her plants are from family and friends, making it special to her. It’s filled with hydrangea, mahonia holly, toad lilies, lenton rose, clary sage, stoke’s aster, lion’s ear, woodland orchids and ostrich ferns to name a few. A lot of plants for such a small garden! Her ongoing project is the tree box in front of her house which she is turning into a meadow/native garden. Currently it has butterfly weed, borage, woodland asters, and milkweed – a work-in-progress.
  • Carol Edward's garden is lush and the hit of the evening were her huge, yellow peonies. She said they are available at Home Depot for $40.
  • The house at the corner of F and 9th was shown as a great example of professional gardening. It is beautiful but lacked the personal touch of the others.
  • EJ’s house, and the house next to it, were on the tour. That’s because she does her own garden, and her next door neighbor’s. The neighbor’s is a shaded garden with a lovely Witch Hazel as the center piece with surrounding camilla, ilex, ferns and a few annuals for color. Of note was a Gerber usually an annual, in it’s 5th year. Her personal garden is sunny and has no focal point. It is shades of green from a box wood, post bloom Fothergillia, and ferns. Of note is a large Fern Peony (Tantifolia) which had 17 blossoms this year. It did not bloom for many years but now in abundance. New this year is a Whip Cord evergreen. Fast growing it will be 3 feet by 4 feet in a year or so.
  • The last house was that of our hosts for the evening Mike and Mona Andrews. Mike is a certified Landscaper and his garden reflects this. The house is small leaving a lot and a half for garden. The front is deep going to a high white mortar fence that serves as the back-drop for a huge ,very old holly. It is basically a shade garden and Mike has included many hues of green and brown with a few touches of seasonal color i.e. Daphanes, Maple leaf Hydrangeas.Behind the wall is a shaded patio, fishpond with a fountain and plantings and a very sunny deck with beaucoup potted plants. 

The tour ended here, at Mike & Mona's garden where, after their talk, refreshments were served (the beverages and snacks were sent to us by Anthony from his shore retreat).

Everyone seemed to enjoy the walk and party.

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