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  • February 13, 2018 7:00 PM | Anonymous member

    Water, Water Everywhere: No Garden Too Small, No Feature Too Big

    Featured Speaker: Robert Johnson, Landscape Architect, Oehme Van Sweden

    Robert Johnson joined Oehme, van Sweden & Associates in 2011 after refining his knowledge with diverse professional experience in master planning, high-end residential and commercial design.

    Mr. Johnson discussed water features, from fountains to lily pools, for the small urban garden and covered examples from OvS’ extensive body of built work in Washington, D.C. as well as some of his own inspirations from his travels and work experiences. Methods for water feature construction, planting in water features and the concerns relating to wildlife and water are all topics that Mr. Johnson’s talk addressed.

    Mr. Johnson is currently managing projects for OvS that span both the firm’s commercial and residential portfolios, including several mixed-use/residential towers in New York City and the master planning of large estates in New England and on Long Island’s north shore and east end. Locally, he is managing OvS’ work on the expansion of the Annapolis Yacht Club and is leading design teams on the master planning of a historic former plantation on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, as well as various other residences in Annapolis and the suburbs of Washington, DC.

    Mr. Johnson earned a Master of Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning from the University of Pennsylvania in 2008 and a Bachelor of Art in Art History and French from Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine in 2003.

  • January 09, 2018 7:00 PM | Anonymous member

    Tell Us About YOUR Garden!

    For our January meeting, Club members told us about their own gardens and showed us some pictures.

    A write up on this meeting is coming soon!

  • December 13, 2017 6:30 PM | Anonymous member

    Holiday Greens Workshop

    The Greens Workshop was a club tradition before I joined in 1982. The format has evolved and continues to evolve. In the 1990s we began presorting and bagging the greens so that each member could have a pleasant creative experience without having to compete for a share of greens and we added the finger-food buffet as a buffer between the workday and the workshop.

    In more recent years we have encouraged members who are not participating in the workshop to nevertheless attend the buffet as a Deck the Halls Party. his year we served only cold beverages and only one person seemed to notice. We also used a new side entrance which obviated the need for a person to be posted at the door to let people into the event.

    Some members participated for the first time making wreaths and arrangements. Experienced members made spectacular wreaths and table arrangements. The potluck buffet had a nice balance of sweet and savory.

    Thank you to the set up committee: Doris Celarier, Bill Dean, Sharon Ferguson, Lorraine Fishback, Joyce Jones, Jennifer Newton and Donna Brandes. In the morning, we set up the tables, received the greens, sorted and bagged the greens, cleaned up the hall and set up the buffet tables. The result was a festive pleasant event

    David Healy, Greens Workhop Chairman

  • November 07, 2017 7:00 PM | Anonymous member

    Cooperative Balance with Trees and Other Living Beings Featured Speaker: Cheryl Corson 

    Landscape architect Cheryl’s commitment to supporting all life is the underpinning of her extensive professional training. She has observed enough plant/people/animal interactions to be amazed and to understand the extent to which the workings of the natural world remain a mystery. Lately, she has studied with Dr. Jim Conroy, a plant pathologist who has shifted toward chemical-free energy work, with trees in particular. Since trees are the top rung on the plant ladder, let’s spend some time understanding better how to keep them happy and thriving. 

    As the leaves have fallen and dance in the streets, let's welcome Cheryl Corson to our Capitol Hill Garden Club. 

  • October 10, 2017 7:15 PM | Anonymous member

    Fragrance In the Garden

    Featured Speaker:  Claire Jones

    Chosen to decorate the White House for Christmas 2011, Claire is a beekeeper and active Garden Club member in Maryland.  

    A Maryland Certified Professional Horticulturalist, Claire's garden designs have been featured in Chesapeake Home, Style magazine, and National garden tours.  

    Our October meeting was quite the treat. We were honored to welcome Claire Jones who shared her suggestions for complementing our gardens with fragrance. From annuals,

    perennials, shrubs to trees, Claire Jones shared cultivars that she is familiar with.

    One of the highlights of the evening was our hands-on activity. With gleanings from the garden, Clair showed us how simple it was to make a small seasonal arrangement that was sure to please.Using volunteers from our audience, Claire allowed each participant to use their imagination and creatively craft a unique mini arrangement. What a great opportunity to watch our CHGC members demonstrate their floral arranging skills.

    The mini arrangements made by artisans of the night were just beautiful!

    A few of the items Claire mentioned that we might include in our are gardens are Calycanthus, Edgeworthia, Daphne, Lavender "Phenomenal" and Heliotrope. I am certain that each of us left that night with visions of new plants in our heads. Claire Jones also mentioned two trips she is co-hosting in 2018 with the Maryland Horticultural Society and the Federated Garden Clubs of Maryland. One is Italian Gardens - Bella Italia. The other includes the Chelsea Flower Show, Wales & Northern England. I am certain these trips will be worth the cents and the scents!!

    Thank you, Claire Jones, for sharing your words and adventures on Fragrance In The Garden.

  • September 24, 2017 3:00 PM | Anonymous member

    Fall New Members Garden Party

    Our first social gathering of the years is always fun - and important.  That's because the board of directors encourages members bring neighbors who are interested in gardening so that they can learn more about our garden club and perhaps join.

    Many thanks to Judy and Mike Canning who hosted this year's event in their lovely home and garden.

    If you were not able to be there, and if you know someone who may want to learn more about our Club and/or to join it, please send them to our website.  

    You can also bring prospective new members to any of our regular meetings as they are all open to the public.

  • September 23, 2017 10:00 AM | Anonymous member

    Barracks Row Day

    Once again, the Capitol Hill Garden Club had a booth at Barracks Row Day where our members shared gardening advice and handed out complimentary seed packets.

    Many thanks go out to Jennifer Cate who organized this event for our Club, and to the many Club members who signed up to work shifts through out the day.

    This event if always a great way to create awareness of our Club within the ever-growing Capitol Hill neighborhood and to attract new members.

  • July 18, 2017 3:38 PM | Anonymous member

    The June Party

    The afternoon was sunny and not too warm. The Hill Center Garden is quite lovely and it has plenty of shade trees. The staff were helpful and easy to work with. Jim Shelar provided background music. Donna Brandes took care of coordinating the food, and getting and returning the tents to the Coast Guard. Sandra Bruce took care of the flowers for the tables, with a little help from me. Gail Giuffrida said a few words and ran the White Elephant Exchange.

  • May 09, 2017 6:30 PM | Anonymous member

    The May Walk

    This year's May Walk was an exploration of gardens in a Northeast neighborhood on Capitol Hill. Organized by E J Truax, the owners of the five chosen gardens took about 15 minutes each to discuss their gardens. Here a few highlights:

    • The first garden at 921 F belongs to Eileen. Most of her plants are from family and friends, making it special to her. It’s filled with hydrangea, mahonia holly, toad lilies, lenton rose, clary sage, stoke’s aster, lion’s ear, woodland orchids and ostrich ferns to name a few. A lot of plants for such a small garden! Her ongoing project is the tree box in front of her house which she is turning into a meadow/native garden. Currently it has butterfly weed, borage, woodland asters, and milkweed – a work-in-progress.
    • Carol Edward's garden is lush and the hit of the evening were her huge, yellow peonies. She said they are available at Home Depot for $40.
    • The house at the corner of F and 9th was shown as a great example of professional gardening. It is beautiful but lacked the personal touch of the others.
    • EJ’s house, and the house next to it, were on the tour. That’s because she does her own garden, and her next door neighbor’s. The neighbor’s is a shaded garden with a lovely Witch Hazel as the center piece with surrounding camilla, ilex, ferns and a few annuals for color. Of note was a Gerber usually an annual, in it’s 5th year. Her personal garden is sunny and has no focal point. It is shades of green from a box wood, post bloom Fothergillia, and ferns. Of note is a large Fern Peony (Tantifolia) which had 17 blossoms this year. It did not bloom for many years but now in abundance. New this year is a Whip Cord evergreen. Fast growing it will be 3 feet by 4 feet in a year or so.
    • The last house was that of our hosts for the evening Mike and Mona Andrews. Mike is a certified Landscaper and his garden reflects this. The house is small leaving a lot and a half for garden. The front is deep going to a high white mortar fence that serves as the back-drop for a huge ,very old holly. It is basically a shade garden and Mike has included many hues of green and brown with a few touches of seasonal color i.e. Daphanes, Maple leaf Hydrangeas.Behind the wall is a shaded patio, fishpond with a fountain and plantings and a very sunny deck with beaucoup potted plants. 

    The tour ended here, at Mike & Mona's garden where, after their talk, refreshments were served (the beverages and snacks were sent to us by Anthony from his shore retreat).

    Everyone seemed to enjoy the walk and party.

  • March 28, 2017 7:15 PM | Anonymous member

    Birds, Butterflies & Other Critters In Your Garden

    Featured Speaker: George Jett

    George Jett, conservationist from Lothian, Maryland, used his photographs to give us a lively talk about the plants and wildlife that can be found in our Capitol Hill gardens.

    We saw pictures of owls, hawks, and other birds, butterflies, moths and caterpillars and plants that host many critters. He also showed us photos of the small mammals (e.g., cotton tail rabbits), harmless snakes, and skinks that also occur here. After March's meeting he sent handouts that will be available in April describing ways to create bird-friendly and pollinator-friendly backyards.

    Biography Submitted By Mr. Jett

    I am 71 and have taken photographs for over 45 years. I graduated from Northeastern University in Boston, Mass. In 1970. I worked as a Chemical Engineer and manager at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for 30 years in the Office of Water writing regulations. My work was demanding, but I enjoyed it since I believed I was doing good for the earth. When George Brush jr. decided we did not need to write anymore regulations under his ” no industry left behind” policy I was given the option w/ a large bonus to retire. Since I was not allowed to do my job I retired in 2003, and have not looked back.

    I always had a passion for nature and am a self-taught naturalist. I often feel I was a better naturalist than a chemical engineer. Since retirement I have travelled extensively around the world documenting the natural history of the regions I visit. For example in 2016 I travelled to Ecuador, Brazil, Peru, and South Africa. Much of what I have documented is on my website Take a look.

    My primary objective is to educate and promote conservation. I work closely with The Rainforest Trust, Bat Conservation International, and the American Bird Conservancy Also since retirement I have coordinated a breeding bird atlas, and a reptile and amphibian atlas in Charles County, Maryland for the Maryland Ornithological Society, and the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, respectively. These two five-year studies provided current information on these two important groups of animals.

    The program I intend to present to the garden club is a snap shot of what natural history you might find in and around your special place on Capitol Hill. The program will highlight birds, butterflies, and other critters you could encounter. I hope you enjoy the show.

    More photos and links coming soon.

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