Capitol Hill Garden Club In Washington, D.C., Since 1952

Past Club Presidents, Ginny, Lem, David, Pat, Anthony, Jim and Vira (not pictured, Carol).

Key Contacts

Board of Directors

Gail Giuffrida, President

Ed Peterman, Vice President

Liz McClure, Treasurer    


Barbara Marks, Secretary 

Carol Edwards, First Past President

Standing Committees

These Standing Committee Chairs also serve on the Board.

The Program Committee is Chaired by Sonia Conly.

The Hospitality Committee is Chaired by Anthony Pontorno, and includes as a member Joseph Purdy.

The Communications Committee is Co-chaired Joseph Purdy and includes as writers/editors Mary Blakeslee and Eileen Reagan, and Jennifer Cate as Facebook manager.

The Community Projects Committee is Chaired by Ida May Mantel and includes as members Carol Edwards, Joan Fallows, Vira Sisolak, Susan Thompson, and Leanna Fenske.

The Nominating Committee meets every 2 years and most recently included Sandra Bruce, Mary Ann Sroufe and Joyce Jones.

Program Committees

The Fall New Member's Garden Party is organized each year by the Board of Directors with assistance from the Hospitality Committee.

The 2015 Bulb Sale Committee was organized by Liz McClure. This Bulb Sale has been discontinued and will not take place in the future.

The Deck The Halls Greens Workshop -- Volunteers are now being sought to organize the 2017 Workshop.  Please contact Gail Giuffrida for more information.  

The 2017 May Walk was organized by E. J. Truax.

The 2017 June Garden Party is being organized by Leanna Fenske, Sandra Bruce and Donna Brandes.

Other Committees and Responsibilities

The Watering Co-op is being organized by Elizabeth Edwards.

The Garden Design Consultation Committee is being organized by Patricia Hanrehan, with assistance from Carol Edwards, and Marie Hertzberg.

The Membership Committee is chaired by Jennifer Cate.

Our By Laws and Roberts Rules resources are vacant.

The Club Photographers are vacant.

The Club Historian and Archivist is Janice McKenny.

For more information about roles and responsibilities for members

who serve in these positions or on any of these committees,

please visit the Volunteer @ CHGC page on this website.

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