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Capitol Hill Garden Club Membership Offers A Lot More Than You Thought

The Capitol Hill Garden Club brings you exciting programs and events throughout the year focused on the unique gardening needs of our neighborhood.  But your membership also gives you access to some very exciting opportunities from our affiliate organizations, including educational programs, valuable resources, and the chance to network with other gardening enthusiasts.These gardening-related activities are in Washington, in our nearby states, across the country, and overseas. 

Take a look at each of our affiliate's website so you can decide what programs may be of interest to you.

National Capitol Area Garden Clubs, Inc, (NCAGC)

The National Capitol Area Garden Clubs (NCAGC) serves the greater Washington, DC area with with 2360 members in 71 garden clubs (including ours) divided among four Districts.  Our Club is a member of District I, which holds a Fall and Spring meeting with a variety of programs including gardening and floral classes, workshops, garden tours and an annual bus trip. Members of the Capitol Hill Garden Club are welcome to participate.

Information about both District I and the NCAGC can be found on the NCAGC website and calendar.  

The NCAGC has a newsletter called The Capitol Gardener while District I has a newsletter called The Garden Post Both can be found on their websites or downloaded here.

The Garden Post, Spring, 2018

Central Atlantic Region of National Garden Clubs, Inc. (NGC-CAR)

The 71 garden clubs comprising the National Capitol Area Garden Clubs (above) are part of the larger Central Atlantic Region of National Garden Clubs, Inc. (NGC-CAR), which also includes clubs in Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York and New Jersey.  On their website, you’ll find even more opportunities to enjoy our hobby.  For more details, visit their website.

National Garden Clubs, Inc. (NGC)

This organization comprises 50 state garden clubs and the National Capital Area, 5,000 member garden clubs and 175,000 members. Additionally, NGC has60 national affiliated organizations within the United States and nearly 330 international affiliated organizations with locations ranging around the globe including: Canada, Mexico, South America, Bermuda, South Africa, Australia and Japan.

Overall, NGC promotes the love of gardening, floral design, and civic and environmental responsibility and they help coordinate the interests and activities of state and local garden clubs in the U.S. and abroad.

They organize, support, arrange and deliver educational and school programs along with a variety of resources to support horticultural and environmental activities. Further, they sponsor many networking opportunities and special projects in which our members can participate in order to be of service and help our communities on a local, regional, national and international level.

The NGC has a newsletter called Keeping In Touch. The most recent edition can be downloaded here, while back issues can be found on their website.  Additional information about National Garden Clubs, Inc can be found on their website.

Keeping In Touch, February - April 2016

Keeping In Touch - November 2017

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